1. What is the 'vector map' and what is the difference between vector and raster maps?

Vector maps are a set of map features expressed by different types of geometry: points, lines and polygons. App visualize this data and display a map in readily comprehensible form. Raster maps are represented by digital images, therefore vector maps are smaller than raster maps. Plus, vector maps work faster and are simpler to update and maintain, whereas a raster image will have to be completely reproduced (e.g. when a new road is added).

2. Why is there no vector map for my country on the list?

The list of available maps is constantly expanding and automatically updated via the Internet. We're working on increasing the number of map regions available for download over time and hopefully your region will be generated soon.

3. Why isn't my house/street/district on the map?

Vector maps within the app use data from OpenStreetMap — free worldwide map, created by people like you and free for anyone to contribute to. If you found inaccurate data on map, please report an error using the Notes feature:


It can take a while before a map will be updated, but all changes will eventually be included in the app.